Kills 99.99 % of Viruses and bacteria includes COVID-19

BubbleO is designed with an industry-leading air pathway equipped with 1.5 feet of UVC tube .

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How BubbleO works

Product Models BubbleO
Air Purifier and Disinfector Hepa + UVC Hepa + UVC
UVC Air Purification 24 Watt UVC Tube 24 Watt UVC Tube
UVC Surface Disinfection 40 Watt 2 Nos UVC Tube 40 Watt 2 Nos UVC Tube
Android App Control Yes - Internet-based app can remotely operate and schedule disinfection Yes - Mobile should be in Bluetooth range
Air Quality Indicator YES - In Device YES - In Device
Bluetooth Enabled
Internet Connection Mandatory Not Mandatory
WiFi Enabled
Remote Disinfection Control
Schedule Disinfection
Hepa Filter Lifetime monitor Monitor in App With Alarm Manual
UVC Tube Life Indicator Monitor in App With Alarm Manual
Motion Detection Available with App Notification Available

Technical Specification

  • Air purification : True HEPA Filter with 0.3 microns filtration
  • UVC Purifier: 24W UVC Tube
  • Recommended Area: 450 Square feet / 41 Square meter for Air Purification
  • UVC Disinfection : 40 Watts UVC Tube - 2 No
  • Power requirement: 110-240V - 50-60 Hz
  • Power Rating : 58 Watt ( Purification mode) 140 Watt ( Disinfection mode)
  • Item Dimensions : 30cm X 30cm X160 cm
  • Item Weight : 20 Kg
  • Warranty : 2 Year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UVC Disinfection?

UVC radiation is considered to be a disinfectant by the FDA for air and surfaces that are not porous. UVC radiation has successfully been used for decades to prevent the spread of bacteria and harmful pathogens.UVC doses reach all areas of a treated room, including those in shadowed or hard-to-reach places.

Does it produce ozone?

The Bubbleo does not produce ozone. Specifically, the bulb is a mercury-arc germicidal 254nm UVC lamp that produces the maximum amount of ultraviolet radiation at the optimal wavelength necessary to kill microorganisms. The quartz glass tube is designed to prevent the transmission of other wavelengths.

Is BubbleO Safe ?

BubbleO is completely safe and can be used 24/7, even with people and pets around while in disinfection mode - While in disinfection mode the motion sensor will detect the human/ pets movement and will stop the disinfection process.

What is the maximum amount of area that a single device can purify?

BubbleO is recommended to cover areas no larger than 450 square feet. As a general rule, you should have an air purifier in each room that needs cleaning. To maximize coverage in larger areas, use multiple devices evenly with equal spacing.

When does a HEPA filter need to be replaced?

A HEPA filter lasts from six to twelve months depending on the environmental factors and the frequency of use. A dry vacuuming method can be used to remove particles that have been captured on the filters, extending their life. BubbleO wifi model offering app notification for HEPA life by analysing the purifier usage and air quality.

What is the procedure for replacing the UVC bulb?

The bulb inside the device must be accessed by removing the topside fan unit, which is suspended vertically. You can replace the two UVC tubes on the outer side by pulling them from the holder. Both the inside and outside tubes can be purchased from Philips stores as well as Ibis Medical authorized dealers.

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